Fuse Solutions specialises in turnkey lighting solutions for commercial properties. These are professional lighting layout designs tailored to give you a clear visual plan of what your lighting would look like prior to installation.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to the following markets: Hospitality, Office space, Factories, Warehousing, Shopping centres and Basements.

We are not married to any specific manufacturer and our expert procurement team makes regular visits internationally to Hong-Kong, China, UK and Europe to constantly seek best product value for money. We seek product with the most extensive life expectancy and lumen maintenance with the highest lumen efficacies at lowest wattages.

The lighting proposal includes energy saving cost analysis with pay back in months (Return on investment periods), life expectancy of products with a replacement cost and savings over a 10 Year period. Our lighting specialist can consult with you on the best product for application that may include specific colour rendering and reduced glare ratio products to suite the relevant environment.

We provide you with your expected minimum and maximum lux levels per square meter and your total system watts and watts per square meter.