Energy Auditing


  • A team of lighting specialists at your disposal to review your property and provide a free-of-charge lighting retrofit proposal
  • Free Relux or DIALux lighting layout designs bespoke for commercial and retail applications
  • OSH Act compliance surveys and assessment

Solar energy

  • Provide customised solar solutions across a spectrum of possibilities: Accommodating solar (both PV & thermal options)
  • We supply accurate performance and pricing estimates that reflect current energy rates, incentives and rebates
  • The above includes customer payback pricing, comprehensive financial analysis and financial comparisons


  • Heating ventilation and air-conditioning energy saving audits


  • Surveys based on system size and number of hours for backup power for non-essential and essential loads


  • Load and size analysis for commercial property power generation systems, automatic transfer switches, paralleling equipment and switchgear


  • Customer’s tariff analysis
  • Meter multiplication verification
  • Actual consumption vs estimated analysis