Building Maintenance

Fuse Solutions maintenance services are designed to keep your lighting systems operating at the efficiency they were originally designed to, leaving your business with lower operating costs and a far more predictable maintenance budget.

A thorough review of your business’s needs, followed up by a specially designed maintenance programme comprised of these common services:


Scheduled Maintenance

Ensures that all of your locations are consistently visited and maintained by an expert lighting team. All failed lamps and ballasts will be replaced and the fixtures cleaned during each visit. While on site, our technicians are also free to address other lighting maintenance.


On-Call Service

Allows you to satisfy the need for urgent lighting service by inputting requests for immediate support. Once requests are submitted, our dispatchers will deploy a lighting technician to your site.


Group Relamping

This very cost effective method will lower your replacement cost when you compare cost per unit. Utilises rated life-information of your lighting components to relamp an entire space during a single visit. A master schedule is used to ensure that all locations are re-lamped at appropriate intervals.